SOS BLISS is an online natural and vegan handcrafted bath products company led by Yolande Adedokun.

I craft a variety of different soaps that I make by hand called “Cold Process Soap making”. Each batch of my soaps are natural and vegan and made by hand using plant base oils and butters. I also use a variety of herbs, clays and plants to color my soaps naturally. Then cured for 4 to 6 weeks.

My soaps are placed in 100% natural virgin cotton muslin Eco-packaging that can be reuse or “reimagined”, as I call it. The Label is made of 10% recycle paper. My soap ingredients will become completely Palm-Free.

My philosophy is having a lifestyle that is true, simple and pure. You want something that’s untainted and you can be completely commit to and enjoy. That’s why I commit myself everyday in bring a great product that is chemical-free with no animal testing (just humans) to the table for everyone to love.

**All of SOS BLISS products are All-Natural and Vegan friendly products. None of my products contain parabens, mineral oils, petroleum, fillers, sodium laurel or synthetic/pigment dyes. Tested on humans, not Animals.**

Made in Fort Worth, Texas.

You can visit my shop here:

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